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by Arthur Leighton Denchfield, III* - SEMPER FIDELIS** - ARCTURUS-OLIVAE***


How 8 popes failed to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Why Our Lady Requests RUSSIA's Consecration - Bishop

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1929 Papal Disobedience = 2 Billion dead?
(see "Boys from Brazil" under EAGLE)

The risks of a thermonuclear World War III have

increased greatly with the US-Iran Nuclear Deal 
of the nihilistic Obama Administration in 2015.

For decades Our Lady of Fatima devotees, such as

Father Nicholas Gruner (now deceased) and many
others tried to address the tragic Papal disobedience 
(now 8 Popes) to GOD's 1929 Command for the con-
secration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of Mary 
by the Pope in union with all Catholic Bishops >
The Consecration of Russia

Suddenly it happened...GOD transported us from 2013 to 1930...
After much praying, including many Rosaries, we found ourselves in Rome,
Italy, on Nov. 13, 1930, my (now deceased) American father's 24th birthday.
We found ourselves inside the magnificent Basilica de Santa Maria Maggiore,
one of Rome's four major basilicas. It was built in the 5th century, then
restored and extended between the 12th and 18th centuries...
The hustle and bustle of Mussolini's Rome seemed like a new direction for
the Eternal City - with automobiles now adding their novel din to that of the
more steady clippety clop” of hundreds of horses pulling many carriages
with a potpourri of anxious passengers –clergy, merchants, pilgrims,
politicians, etc. - to their appointed destinations.
Picking up a dated English language newspaper – October 15, 1930 - the
following newsflash jumped out at our startled eyes:
VATICAN CITY – On October 13, after a Papal Commission's 13 year
study, the alledged 1917 apparitions (six) of Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal,
were declared valid and worthy of belief by all in the Universal Church.

We blended in as best we could, without revealing to those around us that
we already knew their future, which could be changed for the better.
As of October 13, 1930, the Pope had the "green light" to obey
GOD's 1929 request made at Tuy, Spain, to Sister Lucia dos
Santos (see newsflash above and link at top).
We were able to meet with ultramontane counter-revolutionaries among
our contacts from all over the world, including from the Americas...
The New York Stock Market Crash of 1929 had the effect of
dampening the optimism of those we spoke to, who confessed
that an economic depression would affect European capitals...
The Civil War in Russia between the Whites and Reds had not
gone well for the anti-Communist Whites, as Dictator Stalin had
consolidated his capitalist financed Communism with an iron fist.
We believed that an earlier version of the "smoke of Satan",
(that Paul VI mentioned in 1970's) had somehow penetrated the
Vatican during the 1929 Concordat discussions with Mussolini,
the founder of Italian Fascism.
Thus, we sought out as many pious religious and lay persons
we could reach and insisted that they each pray the Exorcism
of Pope Leo XIII at least once a day plus the daily Rosary...
We knew the devil was consolidating his power via Communism,
Freemasonry, National Socialism (in Germany), Liberalism, Progres-
sivism (inside Catholic circles) and Zionism- and whatever else led
to the weakening of the Catholic Church and Christian Civilization.
When we entered Miami's St. John Vianney Minor Seminary in Sept.
of 1960, right out of Coral Gables Senior High School, we enrolled
many seminarians into Our Lady of Fatima's Blue Army. It was a
way to fulfill Our Lady of Fatima's requests (http://www.fatima.org/)
See "From pranksters to priests" re 50th Anniversary at Seminary
Now back to Rome in 1930...
Using the Blue Army Pledge formula that worked at the seminary
(1960-1963) we made Our Lady of Fatima pledge copies in English,
French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Then,
we visited the embassies, churches and press to distribute them...
As time was of the essence it was imperative that Pope Pius XI
perform this Consecration of Russia in 1930, as the evils of
Communism would really spread out in 1931 onwards...
Thanks to the cooperation of many souls in Europe the hoped
for event happened on Christmas Day in 1930.
Pope Pius XI, in union with all the Catholic Bishops in the world,
consecrated RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
This was in keeping with the specific June 13, 1929, request
made by the Most Holy Trinity and Our Lady of Fatima to
seer, Sister Lucia dos Santos, at Tuy, Spain (see link above)
To appreciate some of the many evils that could have
been prevented why not check out the 15 listed here?
What is our 'Time-Travel Dilemma' when going back to 1930?
Even though the New York Stock Market crashed in 1929,
the Depression only began after 1930.
Mother and her Danish family from Jutland, Denmark,
emigrated to Brazil in 1933 because of the 1929 Crash
and the crisis in grandfather's horse breeding business.
Grandfather, Carl Christian Olsen, was a personal friend
of Denmark's avid horseman, Prince Carl Christian, who
later became King Christian X.
In 1920, when his royal duties took him to Jutland,
King Christian X again visited my grandfather's horse
farm, quite famous among Scandinavian royalty.
The highlight of the King's 1920 visit to the Olsen
farm was his taking Karen Elisabeth Olsen, my then
4 year old future mother, horseback riding around
the farm, an event that truly endeared His Majesty
to all present on that memorable day.
King Christian X died on April 20, 1947, my mother's
31st birthday. Mother then resided in Recife, Brazil.
Back to the 1930 time travel...
Without a 1930's Depression perhaps my future mother and
Olsen family never would have emigrated to Brazil in 1933.
Needless to say, I would never have been born, etc.
After graduating from University of Notre Dame du Lac
in Feb. 1929, father began working for N.Y. Citibank
in Mexico. From there he was transferred to Uruguay,
then, to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he met then
married my Danish mother on June 13, 1941
(civil) and June 14.(St. Gabriel Catholic Church)
I was the first born of the 4 "Boys from Brazil",
born March 6, 1942, in Porto Alegre (Happy Port),
Brazil, a US citizen at birth, which the US
Consulate there registered in April of 1942.
(Open last attachment above)
BOYS from BRAZIL - Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil 1953
Without World War II most of the readers of this
would never have been born. Furthermore, without
Communism as a scapegoat, there would have been
no Hitler, nor World War II, nor Holocaust, meaning
that there would have been no United Nations nor
State of Israel as exists today, etc., etc., etc.
After Stalin's collapse on Christmas Day 1930
Communism would have vanished, only to be
replaced by monarchy and the like...
The prophesied "Reign of Mary" would have begun
in the 1930's and some 2 Billion souls would never
have been killed, although many billions would
never have been born that were born either...
Why not pray that the Pope and Bishops obey
GOD's 1929 request in 2013? Act now!
www.twitter.com/Pontifex (Pope's Twitter)

"In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph..."!
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(see "Boys from Brazil" under EAGLE)